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Pre-registration is required for all Reiki Classes. 

Please Print Clearly

Return completed copy with your deposit/full payment made payable to: Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin

Call (504) 388-2356 for mailing address or for any questions



Dates of class




How did you hear about this class?





Name ______________________________________________________________ 

(as you would like it to appear on your completion certificate)


Birthdate _________________



Name you like to be called________________________________________________________________



Street Address




City _____________________________________________________


State_____________ Zip ______________



Phone __________________________________


Cell Phone ____________________________________



Email Address






Please make checks payable to Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin


Deposit or full payment enclosed $ _______________

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cash       check       money order       credit card       paypal 


I am registering for the following sessions/class:

(please circle all that apply for your registration)


Reiki Session (1hour 15 min)

1st Degree Reiki Class 1st Degree Reiki Class - Reviewer

2nd Degree Reiki Class 2nd Degree Reiki Class - Reviewer

Counseling of Reiki Students on the Path of Personal Practice (self, family, friends)

Counseling of Reiki Students on the Path to Public Practice (clients)

Counseling of Reiki Students on the Path to Mastery (considering the possibility of mastership)




“For over 23 years, I have brought this soothing and gentle, yet powerful tool for healing and self healing to others trough my private practice and classes.”


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